Jacob's Trouble Framed Painting Print
Jacob's Trouble Framed Painting Print
Jacob's Trouble Framed Painting Print
Jacob's Trouble Framed Painting Print
Jacob's Trouble Framed Painting Print
Jacob's Trouble Framed Painting Print

Jacob's Trouble Framed Painting Print

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The Vision Of Jacob's Trouble Painting 

Because of our hidden identity as a nation, many so called blacks or African Americans do not realize who they really are and why they suffer so MANY atrocities. Our true identity has been purposely hidden from us by our oppressors every since our ancestors were shipped here from the other side of the world to be slaves. And all that we do know has been taught to us by the same people who stole our ancestors from their land and enslaved them. 

The truth is, in order to find out who we truly are as a people we must go back further than slavery here in America. Prior to slavery who were we as a people and why are we in the condition that we are in today? The bible says that the (LORD) YAHUAH would send a nation from afar against us as a punishment for our disobedience to Him. YAH said that they would take us from our land by way of ships and afflict us Deut. 28:49. 
He also said that because we sinned against Him we would go into captivity again like the bondage we suffered in the land of Egypt. And that we would not see our own land (Israel) again until we turn back to Him and that we would also be sold into slavery Deut. 28:68, Deut. 30. 

In the book of Deut. Our LORD YAHUAH tells us that we would be the tail and not the head Deut. 28:44...and that we would be called proverbs and bywords like black, Negro, African American etc., and every name other than who we really are, (the true biblical Hebrew Israelites) Deut. 28:37. YAH also said that we would be persecuted and killed in the land of our enemies.
 Deut. 28:65  "And among these nations shalt thou find no ease, neither shall the sole of thy foot have rest: but the LORD shall give thee there a trembling heart, and failing eyes, and sorry of mind". 

Understanding who we really are as a people and why we suffer the curses of Deut.28 is the  beginning of our freedom as a nation. 

Jacobs Trouble Painting:
In this painting the young man's face tells the story of his life living every day as a black man in the land of our captivity. And although this particular scenario and depiction of the painting is not always the case, we as a people suffer so many other atrocities.The young man's expression over all is truly his silent testimony of the Hebrews history here in captivity and our over all plight as an oppressed people. 

I named it "Jacob's Trouble". To those who are spiritually asleep, the title may just reflect a picture a of a young man named Jacob who is in trouble with the police...but for those of us who are awake, we know that per scripture it is the depiction of the true Hebrew Israelite's current affliction and tribulations.
This painting is a direct reflection of the biblical prophecies of Jacob's seed line in the land of of their captivity. But there is hope for Jacob! YAHUAH reminds him that despite his circumstances he should hold his head high because He is YAH's Chosen seed and will be saved out of this time of trouble!!! 

Jerm. 30:7 Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob's trouble; but he shall be saved out of it. 






Make a statement in any room with this framed poster, printed on thick, durable, matte paper. The matte black frame that's made from wood from renewable forests adds an extra touch of class.

• Alder, semi-hardwood frame
• Black .75” thick frame
• Acrylite front protector
• Lightweight
• Hanging hardware included